“No human being should have to stare at death in the eye
because they can’t afford to stay alive.”


H.O.S.S. (Helping Our Sisters Survive) Program

H.O.S.S. was designed to “Work beyond the walls.” When delivered the devastating diagnosis of Breast Cancer most people need help and support, but are to overwhelmed to ask for it or seek it out. Different Shades of Pink (DSOP) in conjunction with The Real Brave Chick created a H.O.S.S Program where we collect intelligence on the fighter or survivor and surprise them with the things that are most important to get them through their journey. If you don’t have what you need today than how will you get to survivorship? Some of the surprises include, but are not limited to: help with treatment payments, co-payments, prepared foods and healthy grocery items to promote better lifestyle choices, juicers, cranial prosthesis, bras, massage therapy, lymphedema sleeves, nutritional supplements/herbs, transportation, parking, lodging and empowerment. We have traveled to over nine different states and Shanghi, China assisting individuals with their right now needs, but most importantly restoring self-worth and hope into the hearts of those desperately needing it. Please help keep our movement alive by kindly donating to our cause.

“I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME” MENTORING/Preventive Measures Program

Brave Chick Chat was created as a (support) social experience designed to educate, empower, celebrate and advocate for those touched by breast cancer. At Different Shades of Pink Charity (DSOP) we believe that natural thought provoking conversations coupled with passionate people spark valuable and raw expressions of truth and vulnerability that can serve as invaluable information and support among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

We love, we laugh and we cry, but most importantly we celebrate life and give hope to those in need. In addition, our efforts to raise consciousness of ALL women has lead us to induct Brave Chick Big Sisters into this community. The importance of understanding what you are facing or could face is the essence of our preventive measures initiative, where we invite big sisters to our chats to interact with breast cancer survivors and fighters in an effort to educate through personal interactions and seeing first hand the effects of breast cancer and how important it is to exercise healthy lifestyles.

Our 5 thrusts:
Empower – Address issues to evoke transformative thinking through dialogue or interactive experiences

Inspire – Utilize personal stories and testimonies to inspire others.

Celebrate – Celebrate accomplishments of Brave Chicks and reward positive personal experiences and community involvement.

Advocate – The core of this social experience lies in the the “give back”. As a group go out in the community and impact lives by assisting with their right now needs. “Right Now” needs consist of but are not limited to: Co payments, healthy foods, cranial prosthesis, bras, transportation, assistance in treatment, empowerment and support. We also equip Brave Chicks with tools and resources to support others in the fight. One voice tells a story, but multiple voices make a statement. We want to make statements in lives that create a “do more” desire for the well being of the community.

Educate – (articles, guest speakers, health officials, healthy lifestyles, fitness, food, new technology updates, shared resources.) Statistics can save lives. We freely communicate how we can change statistics in our communities and stress the importance of getting involved in the creation of solutions to help more people dealing with cancer.


Food Matters – An open kitchen concept

We explore the benefits of healthy lifestyles using plant based foods to boost immune systems and while replenishing the body with healthy nutrients found in natural ingredients, vegetables and fruits. Processed foods contain harmful chemicals that are one of the primary culprits in the manifestation of disease that destroys heathy cells. Our team assist fighter’s and survivors with selecting healthy options and in some cases go grocery shopping or give gift cards to assist in the purchasing of healthy foods. We also donate juicers and blenders to promote getting a larger consumption of fruits and vegetables in the diet daily.

Our open kitchen concept is a refreshing approach to accomplishing healthy goals without sacrificing the enjoyment of eating. It is imperative for cancer fighter, survivors and individuals as a whole to practice good eating habits. Individuals will be introduced to various available healthy options for dining and have an opportunity to engage Chef’s as they demonstrate the ease in preparing immune boosting healthy meals for their families. Here are some of the topics that this program offers:

  • Preventive measures – Make healthy options apart of your lifestyle
  • Purchase healthy foods for those that are not able, due to lack of knowledge or financial restraints.
  • One on one assistance
  • What not to eat that can promote cancer
  • Balancing Alkaline and Acid levels
  • Information on checking PH balance
  • The importance of juicing
  • Interactive cooking experiences
  • Having an open mind to trying different things
  • Why processed foods are harmful to your health
  • The power of greens
  • living in food deserts don’t have to determine your dietary destiny
  • Testimonies of survivors who used food as a form of their medicine to heal their bodies


The Hundred Dollar Holler is a feel-good initiative that was started in 2011 to bring awareness not only to breast cancer, but the mental and emotional affects of this disease. In some cases you loose your self worth and a change in physical imagery can be extremely emotional for women staring at their reflections. Individuals began to mentally isolate themselves and believe that the disease is to difficult to manage and the feeling of being conquered takes precedence. To combat this feeling we ask people to write to us or connect with DSOP through social media and tell us why this individual deserves to receive $100.00.

We ask them to holler as loud as possible about the person they are nominating and who ever hollers the loudest their friend or family member will receive $100 in the form of certificates, in kind donation, gift cards and in some cases cash to pamper themselves. Part winners have received cranial prosthesis (custom wigs), massages and spa services, make-up applications, dining experiences, therapy, acupuncture, prepared meals for a week, cleaning services and so much more. We found that in uplifting the spirit gives cancer patients a better outlook on life and what’s important in their lives.